Assertive Family Solutions - Understanding Parenthood and Children Parenting

List of Topics for classes
  • Parents as Role Models: Our job.
  • What means to be a Family: Working as a team, building your values and practicing them.
  • Why Children Misbehave: How to change it.
  • Family and Chores: What to expect at each age .
  • The Power of Expectations.
  • Building Self Esteem: The language of encouragement.
  • Discipline vs Punishment: Are they the same?.
  • Cooperation: What does it mean,and how much to expect.
  •  Understanding Children: The basics, from birth to five, elementary school age children and  adolescents; each group is a different class.
  • The Importance of Sleep: How much?. How often?. It's relationship to stress.
  • Crying and Whining : Are they the same?
  • The Wonderful and Terrible Twos : Understanding your child's behavior.
  •  What Makes us Who we Are: Can we expect the same behavior from all our children?.
  • Listening,Talking and Body Language:Learning good communication skills.
  • The wonderful - terrible 2's and 3's,how to survive them and enjoy them.
  •  Expecting a new baby? How to avoid Jealousy and encourage cooperation.
  • Understanding Social and Emotional Development.
  • Teaching Problem Solving Skills: Raising an Independent Child.
  • Understanding yourself and your Adolescent.
  •  The Importance of Routines.
  • Resiliency and Stress Coping Skills: Learning from our mistakes.
  • Children and Divorce, the NOT TO DO list and  The TO DO list.
  • Parenting without a Partner.
  • Co-Parenting.
  • Parallel Parenting.
  • Issues with Step Families.
  • Managing Anger and guilt: Being aware of what we say to ourselves.
  • Emotional Challenges: Examining your beliefs.

  • Explaining the Special Needs of your child to you, and helping you become the best parent for him/her.

  • Court Ordered Parenting Classes.

In addition to single topics, the classes can be structured as a course using the following Programs
*STEP (Systematic Training for Effective Parenting) .
*Triple P (Positive Parenting Program).
* Parents on a Mission.
   IN 3, 4 ,6 , 8 or more sessions according to the institution's needs or the type of group.
The approach of the classes will be adapted to the needs of the group: Parents of young children, elementary school age, special needs, adolescents, single parents, caregivers, teachers, nurses etc).
Most of the presentations include Slides and or Videos.
See next page  for description of topics from STEP and Triple P.
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